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Cocoa Beach Helicopters: Amazing Views of Cocoa Beach, Port Canaveral, the Space Coast, and More!

Tue, Mar 09, 2021 at 11:25AM

Written by Kristen Schmutz

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Port Canaveral is full of a host of family fun and is a staple to the Space Coast’s tourism industry. Don’t just take our word for it; experience it yourself while enjoying incredible views of Florida’s Coastlines and classic landmarks with birds-eye views from a Robinson R-44 helicopter named “Goldie,” from Cocoa Beach Helicopters.


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Cocoa Beach Helicopters started back in 2010 as Florida Biplanes, before expanding in 2012, becoming Florida Biplanes and Helicopters. Further growing in 2014 to include the Orlando area, the company became Florida Air Tours. Today, they are Cocoa Beach Helicopters and are fully committed to providing excellent customer service and the highest levels of safety.


Cocoa Beach Helicopters is a privately owned Florida Corporation that operates commercial sightseeing tours under a Letter of Authorization from the FAA, as per FAR 91.147


Up to three passengers can fly in air-conditioned comfortability while smoothly cruising over beautiful scenery catching glimpses of the wildlife below. As the leading provider of quality aerial sightseeing and flight experience tours, Cocoa Beach Helicopters has proudly served over 7,500 satisfied customers.



The staff at Cocoa Beach Helicopters has a tremendous amount of experience. All of their pilots hold FAA Commercial or Airline Transport Pilot Certificates. Their backgrounds vary from flying for major airlines to crop dusting and banner towing, and some are ex-military fighter pilots. With their thousands of hours of flight experience, you are sure to feel safe and comfortable.


The chief mechanic holds an FAA “Inspector Authorization” license and an Airframe & Powerplant license and has over 30-years of experience maintaining an aircraft.


With multiple choices and different levels of experiences, no two flight experiences are the same at Cocoa Beach Helicopters.



Cocoa Beach Helicopters offers six different helicopter tour options. An upgrade option is available, with a Sunset upgrade, making the experience of the flight romantic. Just imagine cruising the beach while catching a glimpse of the spectacular sunset above. With multiple choices and different levels of experiences, no two flight adventures are the same at Cocoa Beach Helicopters.


The Beach Special Tour takes passengers on a flight over the second busiest cruise ship port in the world as you fly past the Port’s local fishing fleet and around the Canaveral locks.


Passengers can catch a glimpse of marinas, piers, the NASA Launch Pads, and you might even get a view of manatees and dolphins playing in the water.


The Flight Experience Tour gives you the same views as the Beach Special Tour, with the added benefit of catching the sight of a U.S. Navy Submarine at the Trident Turning Basin.


The Flight Adventure Tour adds to the Port Tour by flying from the Port to the Cocoa Beach Pier, down the Cocoa Beach Shoreline. Passengers can wave to sunbathers and possibly spot sharks, stingrays, and plenty of surfers in the water.


The Classic Tour takes passengers down the beach to see the entirety of the Cocoa Beach Area. Gliding down the Banana River and circling over the Thousand Islands, which are home to pelicans and a plethora of marine wildlife.


The See It All Tour is the grand tour experience that has the best of all the tours combined! With views of the beach, the Port, the St. John’s River, and topping it all off with the famous “Space Shuttle Runway pass: at Kennedy Space Center, you really will see it all.


Cocoa Beach Helicopters offer Extended Tour options that allow sightseeing over Kennedy Space Center, a runway low pass at Patrick Airforce Base, or a St. John’s River Eco-Tour.



Large clear windows and a head-to-toe bubble canopy window allow for picturesque views and excellent photo opportunities. The skilled staff provides safe, family fun that will create memories that will last a lifetime.


Be sure to book your flight experience with Cocoa Beach Helicopters today!

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