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321 Lift Off

Please enjoy our tourism podcast!  


Each week we will discuss all the exciting news about what is happening in the beautiful Space Coast!


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Episode #6 Laurilee Thompson - Owner of Dixie Crossroads Seafood Restaurant

On Today's episode, we are joined by Laurilee Thompson: The owner/operator of Dixie Crossroads, the "world Famous" seafood restaurant. The crew discuss Laurilee's  family history in Titusville. Laurilee discusses the tool that helped start it all. She also discusses the Space Coast Birding Festival and the she gives a great description on  bio-luminescence kayaking.



Episode #5 - Rusty Buchanan - First Vice President of The AAU

Today Pete and Bonnie talk with Rusty Buchanan. Rusty is the First Vice President of the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union). Rusty Discusses The Jr. Olympics coming to the Space Coast and how they plan on keeping everyone safe.




Episode #4 - Peter Cranis - The Executive Director of The Space Coast Office Of Tourism

Welcome to 321 Lift Off! Today's episode we are joined by Peter Cranis. Peter is the Executive Director of the Space Coast Office of Tourism. The crew discuss with Peter new marketing plans for the Space Coast, the 72 miles of beaches in our destination, the wonderful space program and exciting events that are coming to the Space Coast!


Episode #3 - Howard Schwartz Of Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

This week, Pete and Bonnie chat with Howard Schwartz: The Senior Director of Marketing and Sales at Kennedy Space Center Visitor's Complex. The "Flight crew" discuss Howard's role at KSC and how KSC is such an amazing attraction. We also learn about the future of the commercial space industry, the Mars Launch coming up in July and the news about the Jr. Olympics coming to the Space Coast!




Episode #2 -Tom Williamson Of Ocean Partners Associates

We are joined by Tom Williamson: The GM of Ocean Partners Associates. The crew discuss Tom's Role in tourism and the hotels he manages as well as the future of commercial space industry, what hotels are doing to combat COVID-19 and the procedures and precautions implemented in keeping the hotels clean. Tom also schools us on what the term "Per Diem" is.



Episode #1 Introduction to 3..2..1.. Lift Off!

Hello and welcome to 321..Lift Off! This podcast is all about the great Florida Space Coast. Hosted by Pete Lynch and Bonnie King. Join them as they interview the Space Coast's most influential businesses and give you insightful information as to why the Florida Space Coast is the place to be!



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