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Space Coast Fun Guide

Can You Escape?

Mon, Jun 12, 2017 at 3:55PM



Cocoa Beach has a secret gem that is perfect for any team building exercise or a family outing when visiting the beautiful Space Coast. Depending on your interests there are 4 escape rooms you can enter.


  1. Want to continue with the space theme? Enter the Rocket Science Room with a 3.5 / 5 level of difficulty. This room starts out with you and your family touring an aerospace facility. You wander off and find yourselves in the office of a scientist who mysteriously vanished in the 1960’s. He was studying extraterrestrial life, supernovas, and intergalactic travel. His office remains untouched. You have one hour to uncover the secret of his disappearance…
  2. Tired of all of the space talk? Try the 2325 Tremont St. Room with a 4 / 5 level of difficulty. This one is about 11 men who were convicted of Boston’s Great Brinks Robbery committed in 1950. They were given life sentences. Millions of dollars were stolen with only a few thousand ever recovered. A 12th man, Lester ‘Lefty’ McHale, was long rumored to be the mastermind of the crime. McHale, however, was never charged. Now 90-years-old and in failing health, McHale leaves his Florida home once weekly, when his son, also a reputed gangster, drives him to lunch. This outing takes no more than an hour. Does McHale still have some of the unrecovered loot? You have that hour to find out…
  3. Do you love crime shows and cold cases? Mystery of the Black Dahlia is the perfect room for you with a 4.5 / 5 level of difficulty. This room is about one of America's oldest and most notorious cold cases involved the murder of a beautiful, young, aspiring actress in Hollywood, California. There were many persons of interest and a handful of serious suspects. No murder weapon(s) were ever located. The body had been severed at the waist along with many other disturbing injuries requiring surgical precision. Stepping back in time, it's your job to enter the study of the lead suspect, a well known local Dr. to the Hollywood elite. Can you find and recover the instruments used to commit this grisly crime?
  4. Do you love jail break shows and movies? Then try the Jail Break room with a 3 / 5 level of difficulty. This room takes place in the mid-1970’s and you have been wrongfully accused and arrested by a small-town Sheriff. He has you in a holding cell next to his office. You must find your way to freedom, while retrieving the evidence he holds against you. He plans to take you in front of the judge and prosecutor after his lunch break. You have only one hour…


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