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Port Canaveral.....Food, Fun, Shopping and more!

Fri, Jun 16, 2017 at 8:15AM


If you are planning on traveling to Port Canaveral, Florida in the upcoming future, then you will want to check out VisitPortCanaveral.com! VisitPortCanaveral.com is a website for the Cove Merchants Association, (CMA), a local non-profit organization whose primary goal is to market local businesses in Port Canaveral. They know all about the best bars, restaurants, charter boats, shops, attractions, and live entertainment. Here are some of our favorite pages on their regularly updated website.


  1. Events: This is where you will want to check before you even pick what weekend you want to take your family to explore the majestic Space Coast. This will let you know what events will be going on and which ones will be perfect for the whole family and some that are perfect for an exciting date night or even a girl’s night out.


  1. Launches: Don’t worry you don’t have to visit multiple websites to find all of your favorite things. If you love space as much as we do, then you will want to visit the Launches page on the website. It will show you all of the upcoming launches so you can plan your vacation around it.


  1. Parks: If you love exploring and enjoying the beautiful Florida weather, you will want to check out the Parks tab. It will show you all of the local favorites and the best places to see Florida’s natural wildlife.


  1. Excursions: Want to do something other than the beach? Check out the excursions page to learn about the local helicopter rides and cruises you could be enjoying.


  1. Dining: When you go on vacation, part of the fun is trying new local restaurants and immersing yourself in the local culture. If you agree, then don’t skip over the dining tab where you will find a list of the local restaurants.


Port Canaveral Florida is the perfect place to take your family or friends to enjoy history, nature, and local excursions. It has something for everyone in your life.

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