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Bioluminescence has arrived in Florida!

Tue, Aug 16, 2022 at 1:20PM

Florida is known for many things like Hurricanes and red tides; however, one natural phenomenon occurs annually around the Space Coast that people have to see to believe, and that is bioluminescence.

Bioluminescence occurs when tiny marine organisms called dinoflagellates create a fluorescent bluish-green glow underwater that is similar to a firefly.

Guests can watch the waters of the Mosquito Lagoon, Banana River, and Indian River Lagoon come alive while mullet, manatees, dolphins, comb jellies, and other marine life frolic through the dinoflagellates, emitting the bluish-green hue. Every move made below the surface of the water is a mesmerizing spectacle, and the Space Coast is one of only six places in the world where you can experience bioluminescence.

Cocoa Beach Dolphin Tours offers Bioluminescent Tours for guests to get a one-of-a-kind experience as one of its many Specialty Cruises.

Peak bioluminescence season is July through September, and the best time to book one of these tours is on the night of the New Moon. Bioluminescence, however,  is still an unforgettable experience no matter the phase of the moon.

Cocoa Beach Dolphin Tours offers various tour packages from different locations on the Space Coast with US Coast Guard (USCG) approved vessels with room for up to forty-nine passengers for a safe and comfortable environment for all adventurers. All water tours have a USCG Certified Captain and professional naturalists who help passengers journey through the Thousand Islands in search of wildlife.

Bioluminescent tours sell out quickly, as the phenomenon only occurs for a short time. So, book your bioluminescence experience from Cocoa Beach Dolphin Tours today!

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