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321 Lift Off February 2021 Podcast's


Please enjoy our tourism podcast!  


Each week we will discuss all the exciting news about what is happening in the beautiful Space Coast!

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Episode 40 -

Club 52 at Melbourne Greyhound Park

Welcome to 321 Lift Off! Get those poker chips ready because we're live at Club 52 at Melbourne Greyhound Park. We are joined by Jeff O’Brien, General Manager of Club 52; Jeff Marr, Poker Room Manager; Lydia Burlew, Manager of Events and Marketing.  We discuss the history and background of Club 52, rebranding of Melbourne Greyhound Park, tournaments  (high hands/Club 52 Jackpot/high card flush, simulcasts special events and more. Visit 

https://mgpark.com/ for more information!


Episode 39-

Orlando Melbourne International Airport

Hello and welcome to 321 Lift Off. Today we are joined by Rob Himler and Melissa Naughton of the Orlando Melbourne International Airport. Rob is the Manager of Marketing and Communications and Melissa is the Assistant Director of Business Development and Properties.  Rob and Melissa discuss their background with the Airport. They discus the comfort and how easy traveling through the Orlando Melbourne International Airport is compared to others. We learn about the Melbourne Air Show which is May 15-16. Rob also discusses the Aerion supersonic plane that goes over 1000 MPH.

321 Lift Off · Episode 39- Orlando Melbourne International Airport

Episode 38 -

Bryan Lilley, Cocoa Beach Air Show


Welcome to the 321 Lift Off Podcast! Today, we are joined by Bryan Lilley, who is the Chairman of the National Air, Sea & Space Foundation. Bryan discusses the Cocoa Beach Air Show and the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds. Bryan gives us some behind the scenes stories about air shows in the past. He even drops some exclusive never before heard information. The Cocoa Beach Air Show is April 17-18th and you can watch it live from Air.show. Be sure to book your hotel room at the Beachside Hotel & Suites for the air show weekend. The Beachside Hotel & Suites is a great partner of the 321 Lift Off Podcast.

321 Lift Off · Episode 38 - Bryan Lilley, Cocoa Beach Air Show

Episode 37 -

Brevard Humane Society Executive Director Theresa Clifton

Welcome to the 321 Lift Off Podcast Episode number 37! Today is a very special episode! We are joined by Theresa Clifton. Theresa is the Executive Director of the Brevard Humane Society. We are in the new facility called the "Bed and Biscuit". It's a hotel for dogs and cats! Theresa discusses the Bed and Biscuit and the different rooms they can offer your pet, the upcoming dog surfing event in Cocoa Beach, chapel services they offer for when your pet crosses the rainbow bridge, the many different fun events that they put on every year and fund raising for the Brevard Humane Society. If you're looking to adopt a pet please visit Brevardhumanesociety.org

If you are visiting the area and going on a cruise or just need a night out without your pet, the Bed & Biscuit is perfect for you. Listen to this episode to learn all about how your VIP, very important pet, will be treated like a king or a queen when they stay here.

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