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The Art of Sustainability Kinetic Sculpture Exhibition

3/3/2018 to 4/30/2018

Event Description

During the Art of Sustainability people are encouraged to take a quiet stroll and observe the gentle movements created by large kinetic sculptures that are on display from these internationally renowned artists:

Kinetic art is work that responds to our environment of wind, water and solar by movement. Kinetic art is mesmerizing and the kinetic art on display as large-scale and fascinating to watch.

This event will see Palm Bay, the second largest city in central Florida, place the arts at the heart of the community in a new and innovative way. It will not be art for art’s sake, rather we will use the arts as catalyst to provoke debate. Presented is an exhibition of large-scale kinetic sculptures – responding to wind, water and solar – provoking debate about those very elements. 



Palm Bay City Hall
120 Malabar Road
Palm Bay FL 32907