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Take Your Brevard Zoo Visit To The Next Level

Sat, Jun 03, 2017 at 9:10AM


Take your Zoo visit to the next level with animal feedings, kayak tours, train rides, aerial adventures and other incredible experiences. There’s something for everyone in your family!


  1. Cape To Cairo Express: Does your children love trains? The Cape to Cairo Express is the perfect adventure for them. It is a 10 minute excursion through the camel, oryx, and ostrich habitat. During the trip, they will learn what makes those animals so special. It only cost $3 and if they are under 2 they are FREE!


  1. Kayaking Tour: Is your child a little older? They will love to float down the Nyami River past the giraffes, rhinos, lemurs, and more on a kayak. This package is only $9.95 for children 5 & up.


  1. Paddle Boats: Not ready to put your child in a kayak? The paddle boats are also a blast. They will be able to see native birds, turtles, and other wildlife in their restored wetland habitat.


  1. Lemur Rendezvous: For this adventure your child must be 5 & up because it starts out with a kayak tour to the lush island home of the ring-tailed lemurs. This 45 minute excursion is only offered on weekends. All children must be accompanied by a paid adult and you will be able to play with the lemurs and enjoy a beautiful kayak ride.


  1. Jungle Encounter: Does your child love interacting with the animals? If they are 5 & older they will be able to meet anteaters, sloths, and other rainforest creatures in a magical 30 minute adventure. This is only offered on weekends, so plan accordingly.


  1. Rhino Encounters: Love Rhinos? This daily excursion offers you 15 minutes to get close and personal with the zoo’s magnificent rhinos.


  1. Tree Hugger: Do your children love to climb? Let them scale a beautiful Florida Pine Tree and gently rappel down to the ground.


  1. Giraffe Feedings: Who doesn’t love giraffe’s? Take the time to feed them, your children will love watching them eagerly pluck food from your hands.


  1. Lorikeet & Cockatiel Feedings: Are you more of a bird person? You don’t want to miss this excursion. You can grab a seed stick or nectar cup and enter the realm of these tiny australian parrots.


  1. Paws On Water Play: There is a play lagoon that is right next to a 19,000 gallon-aquarium that is filled with animals native to the Indian River Lagoon.


Interested in any of these excursions? Visit their website for more information and get signed up today!

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